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“The University of Maine System is an integrated system of distinct campuses, centers, and other facilities operating in concert to provide high-quality educational undergraduate and graduate opportunities that are accessible, affordable, and relevant to the needs of Maine students, businesses, and communities. It drives economic development by conducting world-class research, commercializing valuable ideas, and partnering successfully with businesses and industries throughout Maine and beyond. It is the state’s most engaged and responsive institution working on behalf of all Maine citizens, communities, and institutions. It is Maine’s most important public asset.”

Excerpt from BOT Strategic Outcomes Document

Welcome to the web site for the search for the next chancellor of the University of Maine System.

On December 19, 2018, University of Maine System Chancellor James H. Page announced his plans to retire at the end of the academic year. Dr. Page’s seven years of public higher education leadership and service restored the financial stability of the System and achieved a nationally recognized commitment to affordability for Maine students and their families. The One University framework developed by Chancellor Page to guide Maine’s public higher education reform has become a national model of engagement and strategic change.

The three-to-five-year time frame required for implementing the next phase of public higher education reform in Maine extends beyond a commitment of service from Chancellor Page that has already been extended twice at the request of the Trustees. Transitioning to new System leadership will provide the continuity needed for the multi-year pursuit of the Board’s Declaration of Strategic Priorities and its objectives as well as an extended opportunity to develop and maintain effective partnerships with a new administration and elected leaders at the State House in Augusta.

With these pieces in place, the Board of Trustees is proceeding with a search for a new System chancellor. Trustee and former Board Chair Sam Collins will Chair the Chancellor Search Committee.

Pursuant to that course, please see the language which governs such a search moving forward.

University of Maine System

Board Policy Statement

The Chancellor of the University of Maine System is appointed by the Board of Trustees and serves at its pleasure as the chief executive and education officer of the University System. The Chancellor is accountable to the Board for making certain that the System achieves its mission and operates to serve students and the state of Maine in accordance with Board-established directions, Maine Statutes, and the policies and procedures of the University of Maine System.

The Chancellor is responsible for:

– governance and administration of the entire University System, including oversight of shared services provided to the entire university system, legal affairs and identification and management of risk;

– implementation of Board priorities and objectives, policy and procedures and other such duties as the Board may delegate or assign;

– providing the Board with professional, strategic judgments on all matters affecting the System and the universities;

– system planning, in conjunction with campus Presidents and major system staff, for academic affairs, student affairs, research and public service programs, financial operations, human resources, labor relations, capital plans, and resource utilization;

– preparation of all operating capital, and auxiliary enterprise budgets, appropriation requests, bond issues, and statutory changes;

– presentation of appropriation requests, bond issues, and statutory changes to executive or legislative branches of Maine government in accordance with the provisions of the Maine statutes;

– nomination of persons to head the campuses and other System major staff for appointment by the Board of Trustees, and for implementation of professional development programs and performance review of the presidents and major staff;

– seeking consultation and advice from the Presidents, both collectively and individually, on matters pertaining to the System and, as appropriate, to each campus;

– development of an effective statewide communications, public relations and legislative program;

– providing leadership in the relationships of the University of Maine System with the Maine Community College System, pre-K to 12 education,  the New England Commission of Higher Education, and the employer community;

– serving as a leading spokesperson for higher education in Maine.



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